Here are some articles about recruiting and retaining new dancers.

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Dancing Tips & Tutorials

Looking for some dance tips and tutorials? Check out these great sites.

Wonder How?

This site is chocked full of videos and step by step guides to various calls.

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Find great info on Contra Dancing, Round Dancing, Square Dancing on this fun and interactive website.

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Taminations are the Square Dance animations of the Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club. Here you will find simple to follow animations for calls from Mainstream through C3B. Most calls have several animations from different starting positions.

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We welcome ideas for making Square Dance items and clothing Sewing Ideas

Round of the Month

B.C. Square & Round Dance Federation Rounds

The Round of the Month for October 2022 is ‘Waltzing On Top Of The World’ (artist is Jim Reeves)
a Phase II + 2 (Hover & Pivot 3) Waltz choreographed by Peter & Stella Tennant from Vernon.
Good Job Peter & Stella. This has been chosen by Region 3.

Region 8 has chosen the November 2022 Round of the Month.

It is ‘One Night At A Time’ (artist is George Strait) a Phase II + 1 (fishtail) Two Step choreographed by Ray & Virginia Walz

Federation list of Rounds 1981 to Present. Updated 3/28/20 Click Here