“Square Dancing Is The Perfect Exercise. It Combines All Positive Aspects Of Intense Physical Exercise With None Of The Negative Elements.”

Dr. Arron Blackburn

“While I Dance I Cannot Judge, I Cannot Hate, I Cannot Separate Myself From Life. I Can Only Be Joyful And Whole. This Is Why I Dance”

Mayo Clinic

“ If You Can’t Get Rid Of The Skeletons In Your Closet, You’d Best Teach It To Dance”

Hans Bos

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Due to the COVID 19 pandemic the BCSRD Federation Executive advise that all members of the federation follow the guidelines of the BC Health Minister as to the Best Practices available for reducing the spread of this virus.


From the B.C. Square & Round Dance Federation to all members

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Dance events in BC may be filmed, recorded, and photographed by various individuals and/or the media. These photos and recordings may be used for educational, archival or promotional purposes and may be included in future dance publications, videos and websites. Unless otherwise stated, you agree to be filmed, recorded, or photographed for the above said purposes. Please advise event organizers and/or photographers if you do not wish to have your image used.

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Entandem, Music Licenses

For Square and Round Dancing in Canada, Tariff 19 License is required in order for us to use music at our dances.

The Entandem licensing for video is a Tariff 22.D.1

For more information about Entandem: www.entandemlicensing.com

Swinging Singles donate $100,000 to the B.C. Square & Round Dance Federation