The Sewing Corner

Petticoat Tote

By Gayle McGibbon, Salem, New Hampshire
Reprinted From Her Column “Stitch ‘N’ Time”,
Northeast Square Dancer Magazine, June 1995
A lot of ladies give me ideas about sewing & crafts
Florence Farrough from Indiana gave me this idea for a petticoat bag.
It will hold two petticoats.


  • 1 yard 44″ fabric of 1 1/4 yds 36″ fabric
  • 1 18″ zipper
  • 3 yards bias tape, (optional)

Cutting Instructions:

  • Cut 2 circles 13″ in diameter, side by side on width of material
  • Cut handle 10″ x 2 1/2″ directly below circles.
  • From remaining material cut one piece 23″ wide by 41″ long.(optional)

Sewing Instructions:

  • Note that the handle, although not drawn on both halves of the material, should have been.
  • The handle dimensions are 3″ x 26″ only the 3″x13′ was shown.
  • Fold in half cutting out the hole on the other half of the material.
  • Make handle by folding material lengthwise (right sides together).
  • Stitch a 5/8″  seam on 3 sides. Then turn it inside out.
  • Trim seams and clip corners.
  • Turn piece right side out and press.
  • This is the end of the handle.
  • Fold large piece in half (short ends together, right sides facing).
  • Stitch in 2 1/4″ from  both ends.
  • Then sewing handle in middle of seam, while you sew the zipper in.
  • The handle should be in the canter, sewed to the material pinched between 1/2 the zipper and the material.
  • Sew zipper into opening.
  • Sew in a circle at each end. (If desired, sew circles with seam on outside, then bind with a colorful bias binding.)
  • Be sure to leave zipper open before sewing in second circle.