The Caller and Cuer are an integral part of the dance experience.There would be no dance without them.


Helpful Resources for Callers & Cuers

For the Square and Round Dance world in Canada, two licenses are required in order for us to use music at our dances.

Click here  to visit the Socan Website

Check out Tarrif 8 on the Socan Site for individual events


An resource for callers of all experience levels can be found at:

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The mission of ROUNDALAB is to foster the art of round dancing by improving cueing skills and teacher excellence through education, standardization and cooperation with other dance organizations

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Square Dance Resource Net

This site not only has callerlab definitions for Basic through C3 programs but also has hundreds of modules for callers to peruse regardless of what their experience might be.

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Square Dance Caller's Notes (and other fun stuff)

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Canadian Square and Round Dance Society
Directory and Canadian Choreography

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