Heather Reynolds

I began Square Dancing in September 1994 with the Wesburn Wranglers. After a year, I began Calling, and Cueing in the PNTSDF competition.

With the support of many Callers and Cuer from the Lower Mainland, I was able to gain the necessary experience and confidence.

Even though I was very young, the immense support of the Callers and Cuers in the Vancouver Area enabled me to develop into a name that the Dancers recognize.

With great Pride, I was awarded the Scroll of Honour in 2016 by the FVSRDA & the VDCTA. In 2019, I was very excited to receive her 25 Year Dancing Dangle from the FVSDRA as well.

Looking toward the future, I love to travel and share my calling and cueing expertise with dancers all over BC and Washington. I pride myself in her choices of music and her ability to apply

direction, knowledge and humour when Calling/Cueing.