Dave Harry

Square Dance Caller Profile

Dave Harry has been calling and teaching square dancing since age 13. His enthusiasm for the activity has led him on a unique, fulfilling career path as a teacher, caller, entertainer, and clothier!…

Dave teaches in the Physical Education curriculum at many schools in 11 different school districts in the Puget Sound area. His calendar is booked solid, with a waiting list. He covers Kindergarten through 9th grade; though the majority of the classes are in middle schools. Generally done in 1 or 2 week sessions, Dave teaches 60 or more kids at a time, all day long. Many schools finish the unit with a “dance off” between squares, all for fun, with as many as 45 squares!

He and his wife Bonnie have been enjoying square dancing together since the late 1960s. They formed a musical duo they call “A-live sound”, travelling around the country in their early pre-family years, Dave playing Accordion/Synthesizer and Bonnie on the drums. They continue to perform live about 5 times each year locally. They run the 2-store dance shop, Petticoat Junction, Inc, which carries apparel & accessories for square dancing as well as other dance styles. You will see their shop at many regional and National square dance events.

Dave continues to call for 2 local square dance clubs, Whirlybirds and Mt. Baker Singles, with whom he has called to since 1976 and 1987 respectively. He is a member of Callerlab and has received his 50-year calling recognition certificate. Awards received include the Parker Award (WA State Sq. Dance Federation), Ila Williams Award (Mt. Baker Council), & Acorn Award (Northshore School District).

Dave’s longevity in the activity is evidence that he has a never-ending passion for square dancing, and he will continue to spread square dance fun to as many new friends as he can meet, at every opportunity – forever!