Sillery Award

Named in honour of Doreen Sillery, an her extraondinary contribution to square dancing. For outstanding service to square, round, contra, clogging or line dancing extending well beyond club level endeavours. The President must receive this application, supporting profile and 10 supporting signature sheets before February 28.


2016 Garry Dodds
2016 Pat Zeeman
2015 Vic & the late Joyce Marshall
2015 Connie & Al Ritchie
2015 Norm & Mary Cox
2014 Merv & Sandy Meyer
2013 Jean-Guy & Cathy Moreau
2012 Beth & Darcy McGifford
2011 Ken & Sally Crisp
2010 Jack & Marg Weber
2010 Ingrid & Phil Douziech
2009 Nick & Mary Anne Turner
2008 Steve & Lynnette Edlund
2007 Al & Joy Berry
2006 Chuck & Marguerite Jordan
2005 Brian Elmer & Rosalyn Garnett
2004 Hank & Bea Kivits
2003 Gerry & Elsie Rudiger


Sillery Award Critera: 
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Sillery application form:  
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Four score and more club

Active square and/or round dancers who are eighty years or older and are members of the BCS&RD Federation will receive a Fourscore and more Badge courtesy of the BC Feds.

For more information contact BC Square & Round Dance Federation



Grants for New Dancer Class & Bursaries - There are bursaries available to clubs that are having financial difficulty with hall costs and caller fees for their new dancer classes may apply to the Federation for funding to help with these costs. Callers or cuers or clogging instructors who are doing their own classes may also apply for funding to help defray their costs. Applications may be made every 2 years but preference will be given to clubs that have not previously received the grant.

Application Forms:

Caller Training Application:
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New Dancers Classes Applications:
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Education & Leadership Grants

Two leadership grants of $500.00 each are available each year for two regions of the province that wish to put on a leadership course, seminar, or workshop that furthers the promotion or perpetuation of Square Dancing. Email the first vice president to apply.


The bursaries are provided through the following memorial funds

The Dorothy Gray Memorial Fund
The Vic Busa Memorial Fund
The Jim McPherson Memorial Fund
The D & D Sillery Memorial Fund

For more information contact BC Square & Round Dance Federation



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