Day to Day Operations:

Collects Yearly Fees and Processes the Insurance Cards.
Underwrites and supports Initial Funding of the Biennial Festival.
Co-ordinates the Round of the Month Program and recognizes Cuer’s accomplishments.
Publishes 3 – 4 Newsletters each year.
Arranges and Hosts an Annual General Meeting and the Spring B.O.D. Meeting.
Maintains a Web Page
Keeps and has available a Video Library.
Recognizes Great and Important Milestones and Achievements
Administers the Sillery Award Program.
Dedicates a portion of the Annual Budget to SquareUp B.C. Programs/Social Media/Face Book/You Tube/Twitter.
Offers Financial Assistance to New Dancer Classes.
Offers grants for Callers/Cuers to attend Caller/Cuer Schools
Offers 2 - $500.00 Grants to Regions for Work Shop Seminars
Assists Delegates with Ferry Costs to attend B.O.D.Meetings and assists the Executive with Travel Expenses to B.O.D.meetings.

Other Projects:

Supported the production of the Video – “Dancing Keeps You Young” Revised and Updated the Handbook (Manual)

Produced a Health Brochure and Developed a New Logo and Clip Art for the Website.

Paid for Promotion Advertising Blinds – 2 for each Region

Financially Supported the start-up of the Moving and Grooving Program and Social Dance Program.

Held a “Class of 2010 & 2011” Contest.

Provided Financial Support for 6 clubs involved with the West Coast Dance Program.

Was Involved in The Senior Games for 2 years.

Has Financially Supported several Workshops and Seminars around the Province.

Financially has helped SquareUp BC to move into the Cyber Space Age.



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