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The Sewing Corner
Petticoat Tote
By Gayle McGibbon, Salem, New Hampshire
Reprinted From Her Column "Stitch 'N' Time",
Northeast Square Dancer Magazine, June 1995
A lot of ladies give me ideas about sewing & crafts
Florence Farrough from Indiana gave me this idea for a petticoat bag.
It will hold two petticoats.

1 yard 44" fabric of 1 1/4 yds 36" fabric
1 18" zipper
3 yards bias tape, (optional)

Cutting Instructions:
Cut 2 circles 13" in diameter, side by side on width of material,
Cut handle 10" x 2 1/2" directly below circles.
From remaining material cut one piece 23" wide by  41" long.

Sewing Instructions:

Note that the handle although not drawn on both halves of the material should have been.
The handle dimensions are 3" x 26" only the 3"x13' was shown.

Fold in half cutting out the hole on the other half of the material.
Make handle by folding material lengthwise (right sides together).
Stitch a 5/8"  seam on 3 sides. Then turn it inside out

Trim seams and clip corners.
Turn piece right side out and press.
This is the end of the handle.

Fold large piece in half (short ends together, right sides facing). Stitch in 2 1/4" from  both ends,

Then sewing handle in middle of seam, while you sew the zipper in.
The handle should be in the canter, sewed to the material pinched between 1/2 the zipper and the material.

 Sew zipper into opening.
 Sew in a circle at each end. (If desired, sew circles with seam on outside, then bind with a colorful bias binding.)
 Be sure to leave zipper open before sewing in second circle.


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