Singing in The Rain


The Federation R.O.M. for November 2004 was chosen by Region 2 (Fraser valley).

It is "Singing in the Rain" a Ph II 2 step on Grenn 17284.

The choreographers are Ron & Georgine Woolcock.

The scanned full cues are attached. Pat & I typed the quick cues below

but we have not tried them so please check them before using.

Also attached is the updated list of R.O.M.s 1981 to 2004.

We now have three 2 steps in a row, this is because of difficulty finding

suitable waltz music that is available in enough quantity. We still want to

alternate between waltz & 2 step.

The R.O.M.s for Feb, Oct, & Nov. 05 will be chosen by

Regions 3, 8, & 9.  please submit by Oct 04, March 05, & April 05


 B.C. Federation R.O.M. Coordinator

 Merv & Pat Meyer                  

The Choreographer's cue sheet (jpeg).




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