American Bandstand

The B.C. Federation Round Of the Month for October 2005 was chosen by Region 1 (Victoria & Lower Island)
 " American Bandstand" a Ph II+2 (point steps/ Rock the Boat) Two Step.
The record is available on STAR 106A at Palomino as the STAR label is produced by Palomino. 
The choreography is by Irv & Betty Easterday and flows very smoothly. 
The point steps and Rock The Boat are slow and so should be fairly easy for any who have not done these steps in the past. 
Click here to get The Choreographer's cue sheet (jpeg). It should be noted that in part C after the vine apart & together
you end in left open facing with the man facing the wall. the cue sheet indicates LOP WALL.
The Quick cues are below.

Courtesy of: the Valley Circle magazine


You may view or print it from your browser once you click on it

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